GSA is a full-time Pre K, elementary, middle and high school which provides instruction from Pre-K to Grade 9. GSA admits student of any race, gender or religion to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to its students and does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender or religion in administration of its educational policies, admissions and programs.
Parents of any student that need specialized services will be asked to contact the private school exceptional student education coordinator for guidance in specialized services and depending upon the need may be required to enroll in institution that provide such services.
Admissions is open throughout the year and students are admitted after an evaluation.


Students will not be admitted to classes without the proper age verification, pervious school records (if needed), and immunization records.
The admission procedure is as follows:
Application form is to be filled in and signed by parents and submitted with the required fee which is non-refundable. A completed application is required for each child.
The following completed forms are also required:

  • Student/Parent Handbook
  • Student information
  • Health information
  • Media release
  • Tuition fees agreement
  • Parent Survey
  • Department of Education Data collection sheet
  • Affidavit for Mckay scholarship students
  • Enroll in FACTS Payment Plan and bring the enrollment confirmation with the documents

Along with the application, the following documents may also be required:

  • Birth certificate for each child
  • Previous school records: end of year academic record card, FCAT and their standardized scores.
  • Up-to-date Immunization and/physical Health Examination Records.
  • Psychological/social/developmental reports, and any other relevant information
  • Allergy and/or any medical condition
  • Any other information
  • The parent is required to provide proof of address.


Pre-K 3____3 years of age at September 01 of the year of admission.
Pre-K 4____4 years of age at September 01 of the year of admission.
KG________5 years of age at September 01 of the year of admission.
Grade 1____6 years of age at September 01 of the year of admission.
In accordance with the State Law (FL ST § 232.01) and Florida Kindergarten Counsel Standard 3.3.7 a student must be five years old on or before September 1, to enter Kindergarten. Parents are advised that a child in Pre K 3 or Pre K 4 who does not meet this requirement will need to spend two years in his or her respective level before entering Kindergarten.


Each student, as well as the family, is unique. It is important for the school to know of any special needs or requirements in order to meet the needs of the children.
The following procedure will be adopted prior to enrolment and for placement:

  • KG – School Readiness Test.
  • Grades 1-9 – Placement Test
  • Individual and Family Interviews


Students on transfer to GSA will be accepted in the grade he/she is transferred to with these conditions:

  • Grade appropriate age
  • Pass the Placement Test
  • Two month probationary period

During the probation period, the student must display a keen interest in learning and adhere to the school rules and requirements.
Parents of transfer students must submit the request for report cards and other relevant documents from the previous school. Parents who are transferring students who do not meet the age-appropriate cut-off date for that grade can apply for a waiver. The request for a waiver will be determined by:

  • Documents, submitted at the time of application, which prove that the child is in that grade.
  • Student is to take either the School Readiness or the Placement Test.

The students who meet these criteria will be placed at the grade transferred from (or promoted to) and placed on a three (3) month probation period. The student will be carefully evaluated by the teacher(s) for any academic problems. Parents will be notified that the child will be placed in the age appropriate grade if it is recognized that the child has no academic difficulty.
Students must meet all of the above criteria in order for the waiver to be approved.
Transfer students will be accepted any time of the year. He/she will have to take the Placement Test and take the regular test of the grade he/she is placed. The student will also have to meet the criteria for promotion.