Garden of the Sahaba Academy Curriculum

Sixth through Eighth Grade:

Our middle school curriculum is an innovative holistic approach to learning. The team of teachers in middle school will be utilizing a thematic and integrated approach in order to incorporate Islam into every aspect of learning. Students will use the Quran and sunnah as a connection to each subject they encounter. The team is in the process of using research based methods to develop a curriculum that will enhance learning and help students live Islam not merely learn about it. Special events and times are included in their weekly and monthly schedule to allow for exploration and hands-on learning that is connected to the Creator and His creation. All this will be accomplished inshallah while still utilizing the concepts and skills from the Sunshine State Standards. Students will be prepared for high school spiritually connected to Allah swt and academically prepared for cognitive challenges.

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The textbook series used is Prentice Hall and McDougal Littlel for reading, math, science, and social studies. These books will be used as a resource for the integrated curriculum.

Language Arts

Grade 6-8
Reading Process
Fluency, Vocabulary Development, Reading Comprehension
Literary Analysis
Fiction, Non-Fiction
Writing Process
Prewriting, Drafting, Revising, Editing or Language Conventions, Publishing
Writing Applications
Creative, Informative, Persuasive
Penmanship, Listening and Speaking
Information and Media Literacy
Informational Text, Research Process, Media Literacy, Technology


Grade 6
Develop an understanding of and fluency with multiplication and division of fractions and decimals.ratio and rates to multiplication and division.interpret, and use mathematical expressions and equations.and Measurement and OperationsAnalysis
Grade 7
Develop and understanding of and apply proportionality, including understanding of and use formulas to determine surface areas and volumes of three-dimensional understanding of operations on all rational numbers and solving linear equations.and measurementand operationsAnalysis
Grade 8
Analyze and represent linear functions, and solve linear equations and systems of linear equations.two-and three-dimensional figures by using distance and angle.and summarize data sets.and Measurementand Operations


Grade 6
The Practice of ScienceCharacteristics of Scientific KnowledgeRole of Theories, Laws, Hypotheses, and ModelsStructuresSystems and PatternsTransfer and Transformationof Objectsof Change in Motionand Evolution Theory of Living Organisms and Creation
Grade 7
Forms of EnergyTransfer and Transformations and Development of Living Organismsand Reproductionand Animals
Grade 8
Theory, Laws, Hypotheses, and ModelsInvestigationof Matterand Chemical Changes of MatterStars, and Planetary Systemsand Societyand Development of Living Organisms

Islamic Studies Curriculum:

GSA is currently in the process in integrating Islamic studies and Quran throughout the core content subject areas.
The series used for middle school Islamic Studies is the Learning Islam by Islamic Services Foundation.
The topics covered in the series is as follows:
Learning Islam 1:(6th grade)
Belief in Unseen
Allah, Tawheed, Angels, Day of Judgement, Hadeeth Jibreel
Faith and Miracles
Story of Musa
The Final Revelation of Quran, Arrangement, Memorization Prophet pbuh
Hijra, Sulh al Hudaybiyah
Obligatory, Voluntary, Congregational, Jumuah, Eid,
Learning Islam 2 (7th grade)
Message and Messengers to the Hereafter
Surat Al Haqqa, Mumtahina, Ma’arij, Al Qalam of Tajweed,
Seera, Islam in Arabia life Style
Haya, Male/Female Interaction, Hijab
Zakat, Charity of the Prophet
Learning Islam 3 : (8th grade)
Allah’s Supremacy
Controller, Giver of Life/Death/Provision Thankfulness, Shukr to Allah
Examples of Faith
Rules of Fasting
Hajj and Arabia
The Sunnah
Prophets Way, Uloom al Hadeeth, its recording, Major Books of Hadith