Garden of the Sahaba Academy Curriculum

The elementary school combines a rigorous content based curriculum while infusing Islamic studies and offering daily courses in Arabic language and Quranic tajweed and hifz classes.
The textbooks utilized in the content –based curriculum is Houghton Mifflin and covers math, reading, science, and social studies. Students are given a standardized test at the end of each year to assess growth and development in all subject areas.
The Sunshine State Standards from the Florida Department of Education are the basis of the concepts and skills outlined for each grade.
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Islamic Studies Curriculum:

GSA is currently in the process in integrating Islamic studies and Quran throughout the core content subject areas.
The book series used in elementary school is I Love Islam by Islamic Services Foundation.
The topics covered in the series are as follows:

Grade 1

A. My Beloved Allah
B. My Great Prophet
C. Worshipping Allah
D. My Muslim World
E. My Muslim Manners

Grade 2

A. Iman In My Life
B. I Love Muhammad
C. Born To Worship
D. Islam In The World
E. My Muslim Manners

Grade 3

A. Arkan ul Iman: Pillars of Faith
B. Faith In Action: The Story of Prophet Ibraheem
C. Worshipping Allah
D. Prophet Muhammad In Makkah
E. Islam Is Character

Grade 4

A. Family Of Faith
B. Prophet Muhammad In Madina
C. Praying The Prophet’s Way
D. Fasting Ramadan
E. My Islamic Life Style
F. Islam In Africa
G. My Muslim Character

Grade 5

A. Tawheed: The faith of All Prophets
B. Many Prophets, One God
C. Muslims Under Siege
D. Worship With Heart
E. Islamic Character