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English Spelling Bee Winners!

MashaAllah, Congratulations to our English Spelling Bee Winners!!! 1st Grade 1st Place-Asya Ibrahim,  2nd Place-Yasmine Suliman, 3rd Place–Afiyat Yeasmin 2nd Grade & 3rd Grades 1st Place-Raza Hidayath, 2nd Place–Hamdan Qadan, 3rd Place–Zynah Waqas 4th & 5th Grades 1st Place-Youssef Hanafi, 2nd Place-Aiman Raza, 3rd Place-Mohammad Mahmoud 6th, 7th, & 8th,  Grades 1st Place-Ruba Hidayath, 2nd Place-Maleeka Raza, 3rd Place–Mahgul…


GSA Got The Yearbook award!

MashaAllah! Our 2017 yearbook made it into the “inspiring designs” catalog which will print and go out to all schools in the Balfour marketing!!! Please see the attached award and design and if you see a 9th grader today, please thank them for their hard work on last year’s yearbook, this is a great achievement…


GSA Culture Day!

Culture Day is coming up inshaAllah on Friday, December 1st and we are trying something a little different this year and look forward to your continuous support! This year we will be asking students to come on Culture Day dressed in an outfit that represents your family’s culture or a culture of their choice. Students…


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