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GSA-PTO Sports Jam

GSA-PTO is bringing it… Sports Jam! Saturday, October 25th on GSA grounds 2pm – 6pm! Admission only $5 includes all activities for all ages!   Races . Basketball Shooting and Drills Contest . American Football Battle of the Grid & Drills Contest . Baby Crawling Contest . Soccer Drills Contest . Battle of the Playground…

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Family Night & Introduction for the new YCSF Youth Director

Saturday Oct. 25, 2014 Dear Respected Sisters and Brothers of South Florida, as-salaamu ‘alaykum. It is with great excitement that we welcome the newest addition to the Youth Coalition of South Florida, Cyrus McGoldrick. We have big plans together and we are excited to have him on board! Please join us in welcoming Br. Cyrus…

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Girl Scouts Lion Country Safari Trip

Lion Country Safari 9:am October 26, 2014 As Salaamu Alaikum, Troop members, This weekend is our trip to Lion Country Safari. The entrance fee is $8.50 per person, camel ride is $4.00, and feeding of the animals is $2.00 the total cost for everything is $14.00. Family member who plan to attend mus send me…


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