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New Clubs to join

-Journalism Club GSA-PTO JOURNALISM CLUB FOR GRADES 6TH – HS The Journalism Club is being lead by Br. Mirsad. Meetings will be held on Fridays starting November 7th, after Jumaah Prayer, at the GSA Library, Inshallah. If your child is interested sign-up sheets are available with their Language Arts teachers. This is an opportunity for…

Quran Weekend School

ICBR Quran Weekend School

Quran (Recitation & Memorization), Arabic & Islamic Studies for more info, please contact 561-755-1555 or 561-395-7221 Registration Form


New PTO Website

Bismillahi Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem, Asalaam Alaikum Dear Parents and Guardians of the Garden of Sahaba Academy, It is our humble and honorable privilege to announce the launch of the official 2014 – 2015 GSA PTO Website Today marks the beginning of a new era, the willpower and joint efforts to realizing one vision – a…


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