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School Update

GSA Educational Philosophy

Nurturing Islamic Environment

The Garden of the Sahaba Academy educational philosophy is based on its sound guiding principles which include recognition and value of the individuality of every student. We challenge each student to fulfill his or her full potential by educating the whole child. The emphasis is on student learning rather than teaching. Our philosophy is primarily based on instilling in each child the love of learning and linking it to the love of Allah and serving humanity by serving The Creator.

As Muslim Americans we provide an establishment where children can internalize Islamic principles and learn how to live by Islam in their daily lives in America. Islam teaches compassion, brotherhood, and service. It is a faith based on active participation in society where the Guiding Light is Allah sobhana wa ta'ala.

Our students graduate from GSA with a strong foundation in their self-identity. They understand that Islam is an integral part of life. The seeds planted in the hearts of the children at the Garden of the Sahaba Academy continue to flourish long after they graduate.

The best way to create a strong foundation is to begin early. For most children, beginning preschool will be the first time they go beyond the carefully controlled home environment and begin to look to adults other than their parents for help and guidance. Attending an Islamic preschool makes this transition much easier for both parents and children. Parents have the assurance that their children are in the care of adults who share their beliefs and values. Children will feel more secure entering an environment, which mirrors their home life.

They will feel comfortable doing the things that they have already been taught by their parents, such as saying as-salam-alaikum and bismillah, even when their parents are not there. Children will be able to talk about things they observe their parents doing such praying, fasting and visiting the mosque with adults and children who are familiar with all these activities. Insha Allah, it will help in preserving the Islamic identity of our children. The Islamic School can also help the parents in integrating Islam into daily American life by providing a forum where the parents can discuss issues and concerns among themselves and benefit from each other's experience.

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